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Quite simply, Diskery is a massive and impressive database. Diskery is able to store approximately 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 individual records (or 256TB maximum space, whichever is exceeded first). Our engineers have also found a way to 'bank switch' the databases so we can expand that number, theoretically, into infinity. Through our internet provider we have access to a server offering us unlimited transmission and storage space.

Realistically, however, that number is pie-in-the-sky because some records use multiple entries in order to compile the information for display, more realistically the number is closer to: 5,000,000,000,000,000,000, give or take a few million...

The database contents, the application and the database structure itself were all written right here, no outsourcing, large corporations, university students or government complex.

Notwithstanding the internal cataloging numbers, date-stamps and other internal administrative and auditing data stored within, each record can hold:

  • A list of all band members present and past for each artist/band listed with dates of birth, date of entry and departure to the group and photograph.
  • A list of every recording a band/artist has made including date of publication and album cover art image, as well as recording format.
  • Full band/artist biography, as large as needed.
  • Band formation date, termination date and number of reformations.
  • Band/artist photograph & logo.
  • Links to media content (video/audio) - and storage internally if needed.
  • Links to artist official website.
  • Genre type (and and description there-of).
  • E-commerce and promotional sponsor information, links and logos.
  • List of all affiliated groups and those mentioned in band biography with links to their entry in database if it exists.
  • City, country, country flag and address of each band/artist.
  • Old and new file codes.
  • A full user help manual on-line.
  • A list of all flags and nations and genres supported.
Diskery actually consists of two databases, one that handles the help system and the other (main one) that handles all of the above. The web pages are created dynamically based on the information contained within each database record.

There are many more items not mentioned above, but you get the idea. Also note, not all features are yet implemented.

Diskery runs on an Apachi server using Linux as it's operating system with MySQL as the core database technology. PHP and HTML round out the application component of the software.

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