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At Diskery we encourage you to facilitate access to the database, after-all that is what it is here for... for everyone to see.

If you wish to create web links and/or provide access to our material in your business or shop you are certainly welcome to do so, but please keep in mind a few conditions that have been prepared to make everything easy and fair:

You may provide access to your clients on the conditions:

  • Access to Diskery and it's material is done FREE OF CHARGE. If you operate a subscription service, it must be stated CLEARLY and in PLAIN SIGHT that your membership fee does NOT pay for the Diskery service and that the Diskery service was provided free to you.
  • The Diskery logo and copyrights/credits must be visible at all times.
  • There must be NO statement or implied meaning that would in any way give the impression to anyone that Diskery endorses you or your products. It must be clearly posted that Diskery is in NO WAY associated with you or your business operations and/or products.
  • You may not claim any form of exclusivity to the Diskery contents or access there-of.
  • You may NOT censor or in anyway block access to the Diskery content (if you want to link up with us then it is an 'all or nothing' arrangement). This is interpreted to also include content which may have been posted by your competition.
  • Diskery is in no way responsible for your ability to use the system, nor is Diskery responsible for any economic loss you may incur by using the system.
  • All Diskery content is subject to Copyright. Read our sections on Copyright, and permissions to use, elsewhere in this Help database.

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