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What is Diskery's Relationship to GEMM?

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Diskery has a long time relationship with GEMM, dating back to the late 1990's. For many years, under the umbrella of Emperor Multimedia Corporation, we sold CDs using their services.

As Diskery, we have maintained this relationship with GEMM, but instead of directly selling CDs we take a commission based on those who use our website to search GEMM's database and subsequently purchase music. This money is used to maintain Diskery. WE DO NOT LIST OR SELL THE MUSIC, another member of GEMM is, we simply provide the connection.

GEMM is an on-line music sales database, they do not distribute or directly stock any music but offer e-commerce services to those who do.

As well as the search box, there is an icon that allows the reader to directly access this artists listings at GEMM automatically.

It is NOT possible for us to not list the GEMM prompt under each artist. It will ALWAYS be there, even if the artist is not listed at GEMM, or has other sales links on our page here.

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