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The artist description page is where the 'action' on Diskery happens. This is where you learn the history and news on a band or performer. With few exceptions (such as selecting the 'Forward', 'Backward' or 'Other Artist/New Search') this screen is not removed when you select any option on the sidebar or Artist Dashboard Table (a separate window/tab is launched). The text follows the RRCA formatting standard where artists names are highlighted and albums are also bold highlighted and italicized, individual songs and events are italicized only, while record labels are single quoted. Abbreviations and initials such as 'D.O.A.' or 'U.K.' have had their 'dots' removed for ease and consistency of data entry and appear as 'DOA' and "UK", as two examples. The remainder of text follows standard English editing. Each description page follows the exact same pattern.

These pages are updated... (so few staff and so many artists to update...) when we get around to it but are accurate up to the last point of editing.

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