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The 'See Also' table is a feature that highlights artists mentioned in the current artist's article. It acts as a sort of 'dashboard', or 'at-a-glance', feature that allows you to quickly navigate to other artists you might find of interest related to this one in some way.

The 'See Also' acts as an express route through the database to the new article. When you click on one of the selections the new artist record will replace the old one on your screen.

You may select only ONE at any given time but are free to return to the original artist and pick another at any future time.

To select an artist on the 'See Also' table (displayed only at the bottom of artists where other bands are mentioned in their article) you click on the radio button beside the name of the new artist of interest and then click the 'GO' button. You may click ANY of the 'GO' buttons as they will only activate the one selected, they are placed beside each simply for your convenience as some artists have many 'See Also' features.

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