Arida Vortex


uitarist Roman Guryev founded Arida Vortex in the spring of 1997. He and classmate Dima Sinyavsky (guitar) started searching for other musicians soon after. By October only a singer had been found giving their style a sort of Power Metal feel. The membership problems, however, were becoming a serious handicap when Sinyavsky left to attend university. Roman Guryev was speaking with his brother Ivan Guryev one day after and while discussing matters of life a revelation occurred after the second shot of vodka and his brother was recruited to assume the vacant guitar role. But filling the remaining roles proved a problem when all that was offered was wannabe's and amateurs. So after a drinking spree and several ads for musicians a reply came in late 1998 from Oleg Bondarenko who's thick south-Russian/Ukrainian accent was heard over the phone just in time. He was leaving his hometown to escape the military draft and had a reputation of being a good drummer in his former outfit Reich. Indeed, their luck was holding and a bassist and singer were found soon after, solidifying the line-up to Roman Guryev (guitar), Ivan Guryev (guitar), Oleg Bondarenko (drums), Yevgeny Tikhonov (bass), Rasim Babayev (a.k.a. Ray Alfred Absheron; vocals) to debut on 26 June 1998 at the Diamond Club.

After more drinking on the subsequent days that followed it was decided they were not happy with the singing so Tikhonov took over the duties temporarily but by December the drummer left town and never returned by borrowing 100 bucks from Tikhonov under the impression it was for the purchase of double pedals; the truth was, he couldn't stay in town due to the Russian system that required one to maintain a job in their new in order to register as living there, so he went back home from Moscow where the rest of the band played. The replacement came in the form of the same very Konstantin who began playing with them in 1997 and again the long search for the drummer and singer started. Anton Smolyanin was located to assume the job through their ads. Denis Popov joined the band in the autumn of 1999 as a full-time bassist. After Andy "Vortex" Lobashev was finally found to take up the vocals they could finally get down to making music and all throughout 2000, they were playing in Moscow clubs like Svalka, R-Club, U-2, InToyo, and Rasputnik. In 2003 their debut 12-track album, Evil Sorcery, arrived. Soon after Andrey Sedletsky (ex-The Arrow) replaced Ivan on guitars while Nikolai Kuzmenko (ex-Exarch) took over bass.

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Nation Russia
City Moscow
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Power Metal
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1997-
E-Mail Unknown
RRCA File Code UC000720
Diskery ID 1166

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