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Dark Avenger


aking their name from the Manowar song Dark Avenger, the band's destiny had to be that of their namesake. The band was rooted in the Brazilian based band Atena, a Portuguese language Rock n' Roll act centered on the trio of Mario Linhares (vocals), Leonel Valdez (guitar) and Wagner Marcello (bass). This formation adopted a Heavy Metal style with the original name Rat White, before assuming the current name of Dark Avenger. Now singing in English and strictly Power Metal in their approach the band delivered the goods in the form of a February 1994 demo tape Choose Your Side - Heavy Or Hell.

For their debut eponymous album of 1995 the band line-up stood at lead vocalist Mário Linhares, guitarists Leonel Valdez and Osiris di Castro, bass player Gustavo Vieira, keyboard player Rafael Galvão and drummer Luciano Toledo. That album would be re-packaged in new sleeve artwork, re-mastered and have the additional bonus track Morgana added for a 1998 European re-release through the Italian ‘Scarlet' label; the new track featuring their new drummer Kayo John.

Dark Avenger underwent a complete overhaul of personnel following the 2001 album Tales Of Avalon - The Terror with only Mario Linhares surviving. At first Julio Cesar usurped di Castro on guitar while Marcelo Barbosa ousted the long standing Valdeze, Fabio Hejera became the new bassist. The singer subsequently built up a new line-up comprising of Hugo Santiago and Marcus Valls on guitars, Michel Brasil (bass), Thomas Galuf (keyboard) and Rafael Dantas (drummer), the latter a veteran of Morbid Whisper, Last Rites, Amalgama and Razorblade. Brasil previously boasting Amalgama, Glamdring and Mental Asylum in his resume.

Dark Avenger would contribute the track Dark Avenger to a Manowar tribute album Revenge issued by the ‘Northwind' label in 2002 before releasing X Dark Years MCD (2003) under the current line-up of Mario Linhares (vocals), Leonel Valdez (guitar), Osiris di Castro (guitar), Gustavo Vieira (bass), Rafael Galvão (keyboards), Kayo John (drums).

The band would bust up in 2005 but reform in 2009 to release Tales of Avalon: The Lament (2013). By the time Alive in the Dark live album arrived in 2015 the membership had changed to feature Anderson Soares on drums (ex-Vulture of Corpse/ex-Abstract/ex-True/ex-Unblemished), Glauber Oliveira on guitars (ex-Caravellus/ex-Harllequin) and Vinicius Sodré Maluly on keyboards.

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Nation Brazil
City Brasília, Distrito Federal
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Power Metal
Formations/Versions 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1993-2005, 2009-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000801
New Reference Code 1247

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