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t was February 1996 when a death metal tape was spread around the Peruvian scenery, under the title of Laments From The Castle Of Sorrow. The blistering demo would display skill & performance of a new death metal band named Disinter, a band formerly known as Demigod (changed due to a Finnish band having the same name). Despite knowing of both a Mexican and American band using the same name they chose to keep it.

One year later, (April 1997) Unborn was born with a schizophrenic cover. Opinions were divided in relation with this production: the dark atmosphere found in Laments From The Castle Of Sorrow was somewhat lacking to open a path to a more extreme sound, with a higher technique & performance, influenced by North American vein of the '90s death metal generation. Laments Of The Unborn (2001) and Vulture In Gore Demo/Promo (2003) followed the membership now featuring Israel Beltran  (guitar/vocals),Alejandro Hernández (bass),Roberto Leonardi (drums) andLuis Sánchez (guitar); the former membership featuring Nimer Gómez (guitar), Enrique Ilave (bass), Leo Navarrete (vocals),Pepe Navarrete (vocals),Daniel Reyes (a.k.a. Bloodless; guitar), Pepo Trillo (guitar).

Footnote: Not affiliated with the Mexican or American band of the same name.

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Nation Peru
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1995-
E-Mail Unknown
RRCA File Code UC000847
Diskery ID 1292