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Aurora Borialis


urora Borealis started when Ron Vento parted ways with his former band, Lestregus Nosferatus. Looking for new players, he ventured to Florida where he met Tony Laureano (ex-Nile/ ex-Dimmu Borgir/ex-Angelcorpse). The two then recorded their first EP Mansions OF Eternity in 1996.

Upon completion of their first CD, Vento relocated to Maryland and began the second CD. Being that Laureano was busy with other projects, Vento called long time friend Derek Roddy (of Hate Eternal/ex-Malevolent Creation/ex-Nile) to fill the drum position, as well as Jason Eckert to fill bass. Roddy agreed to record the drums on the CD and the resulting Praise the Archaic Lights Embrace resulted in 1998.

The third CD, Northern Lights (2000), was also recorded with Roddy behind the drum throne at Nightsky Studios. 'Nightsky Productions' released the CD in North America and Mexico, while 'Die Hard Music' released the CD to the rest of the world.

After the success of a total of 3 pressings of Northern Lights, Vento started work on their 4th CD entitled Time Unveiled (2002). At that time, Roddy was in his roll as a member of Hate Eternal and his schedule would not permit him to play on the new CD. So, seeking a new drummer, Tim Yeung (ex-Vital Remains/ex-Hate Eternal) was recruited. The CD was, again, recorded at 'Nightsky Studios' and released on 'Nightsky Productions' again in North America, while 'Die Hard Music' handled the European market.

2005 saw them release another EP in the form of Promo 05.

The 5th CD, Relinquish (2006) would follow soon after with Tony Laureano is once again in the drum position.

There would then be a long break before any new recordings occurred with a line-up change, now featuring Ron Vento (guitars/vocals/bass/keyboards), Mark Green (drums/percussion) and original member Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert (bass) to release Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything (2011) and Worldshapers (2014).

Footnote: All full-length albums except Worldshapers can be legally downloaded for free on the band's official website, including a file of cover songs they have performed called "Covering the Skies".

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Nation USA
City Waldorf, Maryland
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Active Years 1994-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000958
New Reference Code 1401

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