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etalucifer was formed in 1995 in Kuwana-Mie, Japan as the side project of Gezol, ex-member of Sabbat. Together with other Sabbat (Japan) members and friends from Gore, Sacreifice (later also German acts Metal Inquisitor and Desaster), Gezol (here as Gezolucifer) started the act as his answer to the trends, mainstream, and the chaotic "Metal" scene of the 1990s.

Taking their name from the classic Sabbat (Japan) tune Metaluicfer And Evilucifer (King In Heavy Metal Hell) from the Evoke LP, Metalucifer (the band) would adopt a rough, simple, but very emotional heavy metal under the huge list of stated influences like Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Manowar, Accept, Black Sabbath, Quartz, Soldier, Satan, Praying Mantis, Acid (Belgium), Motorhead, Judas Priest, Sortilege (France), Cloven Hoof, Heavy Load, Killers (France), Killer (Belgium), Anvil, Saxon, Kiss, Witchfinder General, Demon, Europe, Baron Rojo, Aria, Arakain, Pokolgep, Kreyson, Tublatanka, Marauder,V8, El Dragon, Muro, Angus, Gotham, Iron Cross, Maltese Falcon, Blowin Free, Dark Quarterer, and others.

Between 1995 and 2003 Metalucifer featured the following membership over the course of various gigs and albums:

  • Gezolucifer (ex-Sabbat; vocals/bass)
  • Elizaveat (ex-Sabbat; guitar/drums )
  • Elizabigore (ex-Gore; guitar)
  • Bill Andrews (ex-Death/ex-Massacre; drums)
  • Samm (ex-Magnesium/ex-Sacrifice/ex-Sabbat; guitar)
  • Blumi (ex-Metal Inquisitor; guitar)
  • Tormentor (ex-Desaster; drums)
  • Menzorugen (ex-Gore; bass)
  • Brazilion<
  • Elizavitebro (ex-The Chasm)
The Heavy Metal Hunter who shows up on all of the Metalucifer cover artwork is Neal "Metal Master" Tanaka, one of the most famous Heavy Metal collectors and die-hard supporters worldwide.

Their first album, the Heavy Metal Hunter MCD (1996), featured mostly Japanese tracks on the Japanese label 'Metal Proof' before the 7" Warriors Again / Soul Of Warriors was released by German label 'Iron Pegasus' in 2000. They would then sign to Stan Koson's 'R.I.P. Records' to release Heavy Metal Chainsaw in 2001. The Live Drilling 2000 (The Official Bootleg) cassette would be released in 2002 for the Polish market by 'Metalair Records' before Heavy Metal Drill picture-LP was released in 2003 for special limited run. Heavy Metal Hunter (2003) would be the latest to follow on 'R.I.P. Records'.

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Nation Japan
City Kuwana-Mie
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1995-
E-Mail Unknown
RRCA File Code ERF00266
Diskery ID 157

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