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Goat Horn


oat Horn, featuring 20 somethings Jason Decay (vocals/bass), Brandon Wars (guitar) and Steelrider (drums), emerged out of Pembroke, Ontario, Canada (near Ottawa) performing covers of Judas Priest and Cathedral to end off playing a kind of slow Stoner Rock style, featuring lyrics similar to Tankard's albums centering on drinking on their debut, Voyage To Nowhere, an album recorded in February of 2001 on a one-day budget. Big time face-melting riffs was the order of the day with this release, even if it was short on intellectual lyrical content.

The debut album was followed-up with their relocation to Toronto, Canada and the completion of Storming The Gates in 2003, an album modeled much in the style of Anvil and early Megadeth and featuring typical Thrash fantasy lyrics of quasi-evil and battles. The album was followed with tours of Ontario, Quebec and the North-Eastern US, culminating in an appearance at the 2004 Northern Lights Festival at Toronto's Rockit Club and a cross-Canada tour. Their planned release featuring 3-4 new songs (as well as remixing several other tracks from their Storming The Gates album) didn't come to be as the band suddenly broke up in 2006. Decay moving on to form Cauldron.

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Nation Canada
City Pembroke, Ontario
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Active Years 1999-2006
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code ERF00340
New Reference Code 192

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