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Charnel Valley


harnel Valley formed in 2005 with members Marty Rytkonen (aka: Czar; of-Prosthesis; guitar/vocals/electronics) and S. Craig Zaihler (aka: Worm; of Wombat; drums/guitar) to produce Black Metal. Living relatively in obscurity they signed to Paragon to release the Dark Archives EP (2005), A split EP with Sinah and Angelgoat (2006), and their first full length album: The Igneous Race (2007), an original Black Metal album heavy in instrumental pieces with little in the way of Mysanthropic jingoisms that often plague common Black Metal. Their style would appeal to those into Burzum, Summoning, Darkthrone, Destr oyer 666, Hate Forest, etc.

Also Note: S. Craig Zaihler is a contributing editor to Metal Maniacs Magazine, a large popular glossy magazine from the USA.

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Nation USA
City USA
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 2005-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code ERF00466
New Reference Code 253

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