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Rotting Christ


nder the control of brothers Sakis Tolis (vocals/guitar) and Themis Tolis (drums) Rotting Christ would come to be in 1987. After soliciting the services of Kostas (guitar) and Jim (a.k.a. Mutilator; bass) they proceeded to put chords onto their debut mini set Passage To Arcturo (1989).

Inspired by the North European Black Metal movement, their music reflected that style and after Magus Wampyr Daolothjoined on keyboards they would complete their debut album 4 years later titled Thy Mighty Contract (1993), an album that was a brutal blast of Black Metal, followed within a year by Non Serviam (1994). These albums got them the attention of ‘Century Media' who signed them for the release of Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers (1996) a platter that saw them slow down their sound, add some melody, but maintain their power; it was also performed without the services of Daoloth. A Dead Poem (1997) further endeared themselves to a wider Metal crowd than their earlier works. It also saw the membership swell once again to include Kostas (guitar), Andreas (bass) and Panayiotis (keyboards). The less rumpus and more gothic Sleep Of Angels (1999) followed it up without the services of Panayiotis (George took his place). Khronos 666 (2000) managed to maintain their gothic following but took a step back with more Black Metal influences, as did Genesis (2002) and Sanctus Diavolos (2004).

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Nation Greece
City Athens
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1987-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000220
New Reference Code 673