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n September of 1988 vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum, both ex of Vinnie Vincent Invasion, got together to form a classic “hair Glam band” completed by Tim Kelly (guitar) and Blas Elias (drums). In April 1990 their ‘Crysalis' released million selling debut Stick It To Ya was released to a resounding 18 U.S. charting position by featuring the tonsil shaking vocals of Slaughter himself fronting a formulaic but professional and commercial sound, helped greatly by their tour support for Kiss. The follow-up The Wild Life emerged in 1992 to an 8 U.S./64 U.K. But despite its charting spots it still failed in the long term with the soon-after advent of the Grunge movement slipping under the radar as the music of youth choice, rendering their Pop-Metal sound out-of-date. The issues were compounded by Kelly's legal problems due to drug offences. The independently released Fear No Evil surfaced in 1995 to little interest.

Now on the infamous ‘C.M.C.' label, a record label known as the “old age home” for many should-be Heavy Metal retirees, and with MTV long abandoning the sound that made them their start, Slaughter was resigned to release their Revolution (1997) with a tougher sound but somehow managing to maintain their basic Hard Rock style. Eternal Live (1998) relied heavily on their past material while Back To Reality (1999; now without the services of Kelly who had recently died and was replaced with Jeff Blondo), saw them attempt a come-back of sorts to moderate success in the U.S.A. but nothing like it could have been 10 years earlier; clearly they were victims of the changing times.

Footnote: Not related to the Canadian Death Metal band by the same name.

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Nation USA
City Las Vegas, Navada
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Glam Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1988-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000239
New Reference Code 692

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