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rouble started (no pun intended) in 1979 with Eric Wagner (vocals), Bruce Franklin (guitar), Sean McAllister (bass), Rick Franklin (guitar) and Jeff Olson (drums). Trouble would miss the heights of commercial success by remaining a cult act throughout their career and only managed to gain significant notice in the 1990s. Debuting with their Trouble (a.k.a. Psalm 9) album in 1984 under the ‘Metal Blade' banner and with Rick Wartell replacing the second Franklin, they proved themselves as competent Doom Metal merchants in the style of Black Sabbath and helped to instigate a sort of retro-Metal movement, a movement that would gradually gather strength as the decade wore on. The problem with Trouble was just that, they didn't cause enough trouble, for the spiritual content of their lyrics ended off stifling their appeal in a world of Heavy Metal demanding ever more stories of evil. Progress of their follow-up The Skull (1985) was further hindered by membership problems that caused Ron Holzner to replace McAllister, and Dennis Lesh to replace Olson who left to become a minister of the church.

Run To The Light (1987) was released by ‘Enigma' before Rick Rubin picked them out to join his ‘Def American' label, along with fellow retro purveyors Masters Of Reality. After Barry Stern (ex-Zoetrope) stepped in to replace Lesh the resulting album would become widely accepted as their best work in the form of Trouble (1990), a second self-titled release. Their combining a Zeppelin and Sabbath groove with psychedelia on the album would set a president for later acts.

Despite the follow-up album, Manic Frustration (1992), showing the act at their maturity they still lived in relative obscurity and Rubin gave up on them. Now without a label they went back to their roots by selling their records at gigs until indie ‘Bulletproof' stepped in to release Plastic Green Head (1995) with Jeff Olson returning on drums.

For the most part the band was on hiatus over the years that followed with the only news of note being with Kyle Thomas (ex-Exhorder/ex-Floodgate) temporarily on vocals, while Wagner participated in the one-off Lid project with Danny Cavanagh (of Anthema; guitar) to release In The Mushroom (1997). In 2001 the act was officially revived, however, with Chuck Robinson taking over the vocal slot and by 2003 they were ready to produce a new album.

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Nation USA
City Chicago, Illinois
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Christian Metal
Formations/Versions 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1979-1996, 2001-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000281
New Reference Code 734

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