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art of the old guard of Swedish Death Metal, Grave, with the membership of Jorgen Sandstrom (vocals), Ola Lindgren (guitar/vocals), Jonas Torndal (guitar) and Jensa Paulsson (drums). Originally called Corpse they would feature a down-tuned, mid pace musical style on their debut, Into The Grave (1991), after releasing a number of singles and EPs since their founding in 1986, most notably And Here I Die ... Satisfied EP (1993). The album, You'll Never See ... (1992), saw Torndal leave because of his dislike for the increased touring schedule; unable to find a suitable replacement the band continued as a three-piece with guitarist Jörgen Sandström switching to bass.

Their third album, Soulless (1994), showed a somewhat different style by blending experimentation and industrial tones into the death metal of the previous albums. Sandström would leave in 1996 to join Entombed to be replaced by guitarist Ola Lindgren who would now assume both roles. Lindgren would take over vocals for their fourth album, Hating Life (1996) to further the style of Soulless. Another European and American tour followed, resulting in their only live album Extremely Rotten Live (1997). Soon after, the band broke up.

1999 saw the band reform to practice and tour with 2002's aptly titled Back from the Grave resulting as a return to the style played on their second album.

The 2004 album, Fiendish Regression, saw the departure of drummer Paulsson, who was replaced by Coercion drummer Ekegren. This album showcased more aggressive and generally somewhat faster songs. Touring followed through Europe in support of Cryptopsy.

Rapture Comes (2006) further increased the overall speed and aggression of their style. Most noted track on the album would be the inclusion of Alice in Chains cover of Them Bones. In support of the album the band toured with Dismember, Vital Remains, Demiricous, and Withered in USA and Canada. They followed this in November of that same year with a European tour on the Masters of Death tour, with Unleashed, Dismember, Entombed and Exterminator.

In 2008 the band returned with a new full-length album, Dominion VIII. It was another example of their old school death metal roots. The next album, Burial Ground (2010), continued the same style. That same year, Fredrik Isaksson left the lineup to be replaced by Dismember's Tobias Cristiansson who first appeared on Endless Procession of Souls (2012).

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Nation Sweden
City Visby
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations/Versions 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1986-1997, 1999-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000420
New Reference Code 870

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