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Cloven Hoof


avid Potter (vocals), Steve Rounds (guitar), Les Payne (bass) and Kevin Pountney (drums) came together in 1979 to launch a special kind of Kiss style mixed with tongue-in-cheek Satanic imagery titled Cloven Hoof to release an album of the same title many years later on ‘Neat', in 1985. Exchanging Potter with Rob Hendrick (a.k.a.‘Water'), with the others then assuming the aliases of Fire, Air and Earth respectively, they would launch the live Fighting Back in 1987 while the band broke apart with the membership once again in flux.Payne would return with Russell North (vocals), Andrew Wood (guitar), and John Brown (J.B.) (drums) by his side to try one more time for two albums, now taking the genre far more seriously and heavier to boast less Glam on Dominator (1988) and A Sultan's Ransom (1989). The problem became apparent that the act had said it's piece and their style repetition got tiresome for the Metal press so they split soon after the change of the decade.

Rumor has it that the act was resurrected in 2003 with a new line-up and new album, Absolute Power ... Corrupts Absolutely yet unpublished.

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Nation UK
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations/Versions 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1979-1991, 2003-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000477
New Reference Code 926

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