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It's an oldie but a goodie from the classic era of computing - and people still use it to this day!

When McBBS was conceived of back in 1989 nobody knew quite what a phenominon it would become. Distributed worldwide, McBBS became a staple in modem communications during the Commodore-64 and early PC eras. This is THE ONLY official site of its distribution. Here you will find the official history text on the program, be able to download it, and be able to download the compnion terminal program, optional for its operation but required if you plan to use the exclusive music features found in McBBS.

There is NO technical support offered with this program as it has been discontinued for well over 10 years now.

Program has operation documents included.

Be advised, although you no longer need to pay to receive this program, it is under copyright. You may use it free of charge and pass it along to your friends but you may not modify it, sell it, distribute it as a package or claim any sort of ownership over it. When you share it: you must share it complete.


Because the program was originally distributed on a self-installing floppy disk some modifications had to be made when it was ported over to internet so you could use it as originally intended.

1. You will need to download the McBBS or COMTERM installer package

2. Download the add-ons (yes, they are needed)

3. Unzip the received files

4. DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE FILE NAMES, place all files in a directory called MCBBS and all addons in a directory called MCBBS/ADDONS.

5. Instructions for further installation are contained within in a file called README.TXT that will emerge from the unzipped mcinstall.zip or cominstall.zip installation files.

Remember: this program was written in an era BEFORE MS-Windows therefore files listed with a .DOC extension are not MS-Word documents but are plain text. Some file extensions may not be recognizeed by Windows. Also, some applications may not work (are untested) for XP, Vista or Windows 7, it is best to install and run this program in MS-DOS. The highest version of Windows KNOWN to allow McBBS to run with no further modification is Win-98.

See McBBS History Page

Download McBBS Installation

Download McBBS add-ons

Download Comterm Installation

Download Comterm Add-ons

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